How to Get a Laugh in a Stage Play

Acting can be done through a variety of channels. However, stage performances remain to be the oldest and perhaps the purest way of showing your skills. It is probably also the hardest medium to act through as you do not have any retakes and you get feedback instantly as the audience appreciates the good work and boos if you are not performing well.

If your play is based on a comedy, you want to make sure that everyone in the audience is having a blast. It is not very easy to make people laugh but it surely can be done.


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    The Script

    The script should be written in a manner that the masses can connect with it. The jokes should be appropriate for a family setting and should be carefully thought out. There is no room for vulgar material.  The jokes should be understandable and should not require a thorough study of literature as a prerequisite for people to understand.

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    The Tone

    The tone of the whole play should be lighthearted. This will keep the giggles coming and people will laugh louder when a good pun is taken by the characters at each other. The theme should, however, not be over the top and too loud as it is likely going to cause more headache than laughs.

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    The delivery of each joke should be subtle and should be perfectly timed. Many times, it is good that the people see the joke coming and yet there should always be some jokes that should be out of the blue, yet perfect for the situation. This will certainly make the play popular as well as no one minds something sudden and fun at such plays.

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    The Physical Movements

    The physical movements can also create a lot of laughs and will help the dialogue. Typically in western humour, there has been a great role of physical comedy and it is generally a big success. A bit of silliness can add all the more fun to the existing pleasure of the play.

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    Take a Jab at Yourself

    People definitely do not mind characters pointing out their own flaws in a funny manner. This can be an ideal way of getting even more laughs out. Keeping it subtle and the character admiring him or her for bad habits can create a bit of irony as well.

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