How to Audition for Children\’s Theater Roles

Do you think that your kid has some inclination towards performing art and possess enough confidence and talent to perform in front of hundreds of people?

Well, then you should help your kid to pave the path to stardom.

You should help them to find their way on stage and a child theatre will be your best bet for this. Though, you and your kid will have to go through a nerve-racking process of auditions but little bit of planning and preparation can make this exercise really fruitful.

You will have to follow some simple directions to audition successfully for children’s theatre role.


  • 1

    Know your child’s abilities

    First and the foremost thing you should do is to identify your kid’s area of interest. Find out whether your child is interested in dance, singing, acting or all this effort is just to get on the stage and be prominent. If you think that your kid has enough flair then go ahead.

  • 2

    Contact local theatre company

    Next thing you need to do is to contact a local theatre company and ask them about the auditions. You better contact the companies which run child’s theatre as there are always better chances of selection.

  • 3

    Do some research

    If you have got call for an audition then start doing some research about the audition. This will help you to prepare your kid. Mostly, they give you the informational literature so make sure that you know the correct date and time of the audition. You must prepare a monologue according to their directions. Similarly, keep in mind the age of your child and go for an age appropriate role.

  • 4

    Find a proper monologue

    You should select a monologue carefully. Make sure that it’s easy for your kid to remember and deliver otherwise it will be a futile exercise. There are many monologue books in the market or you can also pick some famous dialogues from any movie for this purpose.

  • 5

    Practice with your kid

    Another important thing is to do several rehearsals with your kid. Nothing can prepare your child more than these rehearsals. This will not only make this performance easy for your kid but will also increase his/her  confidence level.

  • 6

    Make a resume of your child

    You should make a creative resume of your kid. This document should comprise of the previous performances of your kid, brief description of roles your child has played, couple of pictures etc.

  • 7

    Inspire your child

    After you and your kid have gone through the preparations and its time for the showdown, go with him/her and say something inspirational before sending your kid to the audition room.

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