How to Behave at a Theatre Rehearsal

No one wants to be kicked out of the theatre even before the start of the play. Rehearsal is the most important thing in live theatre. The actors and other support staff spend weeks and even moths in rehearsals just to produce the best possible outcome.

The director usually does not tolerate even a single mistake from any member of the crew. He always keeps telling his team to improve. As a result, the long sessions usually frustrate the entire team.

But it is imperative that you don’t lose your temper at any stage. Particularly the new actors cannot afford to annoy any senior member. If you have any behavioural issues, the director will hardly take any time to hurl you out, and cast someone else.

Even the senior actors must behave properly at a theatre rehearsal. It is important that you make maximum friends, because this will help you enjoy your work. Moreover, a good healthy relationship with the teammates will leave a positive impact on your work as well.


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    Be Punctual

    It always gives out a good impression, and your willingness to be part of the play. Your absence will actually affect others’ work. Most directors like to have more than one complete real-time rehearsal, and if you are not present, the whole team will suffer. One can enhance his performance significantly by spending more time with the co-actors.

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    Reach on time

    Reaching the theatre late is a very bad habit. Many talented actors fail to taste success just of their punctuality issues. Even if you are the most senior member of the team, making others wait for you is not a good idea at all. The theatre rehearsals might be very lengthy, but still everybody has to work around the time-table.

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    Focus on your own work

    Pointing out flaws is entirely the director’s responsibility. Therefore, you must focus only on your job. Instead of spending too much time in criticising others, you should rather concentrate on your role.

    However, if you have any sincere advice, you can go to your co-worker and tell him, but not in front of the whole team.

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    Avoid trouble

    If you are not rehearsing, you must silently sit in the corner, and let others work. No good director tolerates any jokes during rehearsals. It is a good idea to make the atmosphere lively, but be very serious when working. Building a good relation with others is equally important.

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