How to Make Yourself Famous Online

We live in an era where the world is literally at our fingertips. To become famous is very attractive and being prominent on internet means that the whole world has access to you. It is not as difficult as you might consider to get a little popular, obviously, publicity is an effective approach to acquire fame, but now you don’t need to be dependent on the media for that.

Here are some tips you can follow today to make yourself a little famous. A lot of these techniques are at no cost, and all can assist to make awareness of you and create your reputation while making you a little famous.


  • 1

    Find your strength, what are you good at? Make an aim for yourself, the reason you want to achieve this goal, the reason you want to become famous.

  • 2

    Learn how to create your own website. To do this task, you should know the basics of your computer particularly HTML. Make sure to have a digital camera and camcorder.

  • 3

    Join almost all social networks and try to make as many friends as possible. The major social websites you need to be on are Twitter, Pinterest and FaceBook. The people on Internet are very friendly, if you send a friendly note people will generally check you out and save you as a friend.

  • 4

    Whenever someone comments on your page, always reply back on their profile or public name page. Broadcast your IM Screen names, URLs, net addresses and links to every site you visit. You can also write generous and sincere comments on other pages of these websites, not just a copy and pasted text. If you comment anything personal, a user is more expected to check you out.

  • 5

    Create your website that is according to your personality and keep on updating your page on a regular basis. If you don’t do this, people will just go by your site if you can’t keep their interest.

  • 6

    Make all your friends to help endorse you. It is a fact, if your friends are honest and sincere to you they wouldn’t hesitate.

  • 7

    Always thank people if they leave a constructive comment and always reply back. Don't waste your time responding to immature comments or unproductive feedback.

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