How to Manage Fleet Fuel Costs

Managing a fleet of vehicles can be challenging task. However, by following the right procedure and simple instruction you can perform this task while using minimum of energy. Although managing the employees, insurance and salaries requires determination and hard work, you can cut the costs considerably that damage a business. Once such costs is the fuel cost. Luckily, it is possible to control and maintain the fuel costs by following some tips. You do not have to be a mathematical expert to cut the costs but you can use GPS and other software to manage fleet fuel costs.


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    Consider buying the FuelZone Lite or FuelZone general programme from you CoenCorp website. You will be required to pay a small fee to be able to download this application. Once the download is complete, consider running the software to install it on the computer. Make sure there is enough space on the hard disk so the programme can work efficiently. You can also speak to one of the customer services members at CoenCorp to see if you are eligible for any discount. Collect all the information needed to create an online account and purchase the product. If possible prepare a list of information items including the full name, company name and address, your designation and phone number. One of the most impressive features that FuelZone programme offer is automatically turning itself off for any gas pumps.

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    Make sure the programme is configured to all the vehicles used by the drivers. Do not rush performing this task as the wireless software needs to keep track of the amount of fuel burnt or used by each vehicle. Drivers driving the vehicles at high speeds will be reported by this programme as vehicles burn excess fuel when driven at high speeds. Additionally, the FuelZone software allows you to ensure the vehicles continue to run smoothly.

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    Before running the application, it is vital to check for any errors. Entering the wrong information in the database can result in a disaster for you. If possible keep track of fuel consumption for each vehicle separately. Some employees drive more recklessly than others and therefore it is extremely important to record fuel consumption while considering the vehicle’s history.

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