How to Market Yourself as a Home Inspector

Inspecting homes is quite an interesting profession as it requires an inspector to carefully check the home and make a report for the buyer or any other agency that may have hired his or her services in this regard.

While there is plenty of business as homes are being sold all the time, it is also important to know that there are a lot of inspectors out there in the field. It is crucial that you market your services well in order to get more work. It is not an impossible task and trying a few ideas can certainly help you in marketing your services in an effective manner.

Things Required:

– Flyers
– Visiting Cards
– Website
– Social Media Pages


  • 1

    Word of Mouth

    Get in touch with friends and family and ask them to promote you. They can mention you in front of their own friends who may need the services of an inspector. You can also ask the existing clients to recommend you. One happy client can help you in getting several more clients.

  • 2

    Local Restaurants and Cafes

    Many people visit these places. Leave your visiting cards as well as a flyer on the information boards that these places generally have to promote local businesses. Make sure that you especially have your ads placed in famous cafes. This will be a big help in getting the word out about the home inspection services that you offer.

  • 3

    Newspaper Ad

    This should only be done when the home sales market is hot and people are looking to buy more than normal times. This will provide them with an option without looking for one too much. This will greatly help in boosting your demand in the market as a home inspector.

  • 4


    Make a website of your services and offer details about your contact information as well as what you charge. Also, mention if you offer any specials or make some offers for early birds making use of your services. This is particularly useful during a lean patch of work.

  • 5

    Social Media

    Make pages on various social media websites to promote yourself. Get people to follow you. Initially it will be your friends, family and clients that you have provided your services to but soon it should grow, especially if you are good at what you do. Keep the pages up to date and respond to posts in a timely fashion.

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