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In the world of competing with many search engines and those who are more popular it can be tough competing with the millions of webmasters today. You’ve seen paid advertising, paid web search engines submitting and hundreds of other programs that claim to get you rated number 1 in the top search engines. But if you’re one of the many web masters who can’t afford to spend money on web marketing, free traffic programs may help you. Though keep in mind that some say it hurts your chances with search engines while others have said it helped them tremendously in getting some attention to their website.

I decided to check out because I had heard you could earn some money while surfing and they give you free hits to start. 10,000 to be exact. I thought ‘wow, all those free hits, sweet!’ so I joined. Now I’m not very keen on the idea of running my computer for hours on end to earn more credits so my website gets more hits. Especially not with how expensive costs can get if you have limited Internet hours and the price of electricity. Then I saw that you can earn up to 5 credits each time your referral page is shown. That beats surfing for a while on their surf bar because it takes a little bit for each new page to load before you can earn another credit. So I joined up for another free traffic program that allowed me to enter my referral page and earn 5 hits per one hit on the other program.

The great thing about honestyhits is you can earn 5 times more if you can run your referral page on another free traffic program. That way you never have to run the honestyhits page if you don’t want to. They also have a manual hits web surfing but I wouldn’t recommend this because it could not only take up your time quickly but your finger may be numb trying to earn the same amount of credits as you could with autosurfing. I was excited to hear about the ‘Get Paid To Click Member Links’ but don’t get your hopes up, it’s now currently only $0.01 per website. Plus sometimes there aren’t any websites to click on that day. Other times they are 5-6 websites. You can only click the websites once every 24 hours. When I had first signed up it was $0.02, still not enough to even buy a pack of gum at the end of the week. Then again all you’re doing is clicking. You have to reach $15.00 and have a paypal account. This isn’t a get rich scheme at all. More like a snail sluggish cent race to $15.00.

You can earn 25% by purchases your direct referrals make. But if you’re not planning to do referral marketing, chances are you won’t earn a cent this way. On some days you can earn free credits, but so far I haven’t seen any chance of winning free money. You can run autosurfing for traffic and money at $0.0002 per hit. Yet again, not much money earned here. Before you start earning any hits to your websites you have to have them approved. If you add a website that is against their rules you get a strike. Get 3 strikes and you’re out. Your account is closed and if you had any money in your account it’s gone as well. You can also set up a paid to click members link for your websites. It’ll cost you $0.01 per person who clicks on your website. Whether your clicking to earn the penny or having someone else click your website, you have to wait 45 seconds before being able to click ‘accept’ and earning the cent. Once your website(s) are approve you can decide to run them on autosurf, manual surf and or put them on hold. You can add how many credits you want to each website. Personally I’ve found the autosurf to not run all my credits out within an hour which may or may not be what you’re looking for. They have a jackpot called “Numbers Game.” But it’ll cost you currently $0.01 for each entry. The jackpot isn’t in the hundreds, often times in the lower double digits. The customer service rates an A-. I had asked a question and got an instant reply within 24 hours. When you sign up for an account, they record your IP. Signing in requires your e-mail, password and to enter a number that has a strike through it. This is to prevent a robot from automatically logging in.

Overall the experience has been okay. Hits are not a problem, surfing with another program so I can earn 5 times more hits is definitely a plus! The pay out amount seems a little bit to high. I’ve seen some payouts as low as $0.50. If you plan on using a traffic program for a while, this may work long term as far as keeping up your credits. Money wise I wouldn’t bother so much with. If you happen to finally get to the $15.00 payout, congrats! If not, don’t feel bad. At the rate it currently is, it can take many months to get there.

Rating: B

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