How to Measure Nonprofit Effectiveness

Most of the times, people feel that nonprofit means a lack of accountability at work. However, be aware of the fact that nonprofit organizations cannot explain poor management or low accountability. In reality, these companies should be accountable for top quality standards than the for profit organizations that just have the aim to generate more profit as they have good and noble goals in their mission statement. Money is not everything for these nonprofit companies and they want to do well for the people and make the world a better place to live in. There are a lot of ways to determine nonprofit effectiveness efficiently.


  • 1

    Mission statement

    Check the mission statement of the nonprofit companies with their asset allocation to complete the objectives. A few nonprofit organisations will have huge mission but will not work hard to achieve those goals. If the mission statement does not align with the workings of the company, then they need to reconsider its aims and objectives or allocate resources accordingly to suit the mission. On the other hand, get a list of people or companies the nonprofit provides services to. Make them give details of the services or assets used to aid every individual or entity.

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    Gather thoughts and questions to ask from the non profit executives

    Compile a list of potential questions that you can ask the person related or the company. These questions should be linked to the mission statement of the nonprofit company and need to inquire every guy on the list provided. Interview each and every person or entity on the list to find out if they are happy with the institution and if allocation of resources did actually help them in a positive way. This is very important as the research will give you an in depth analysis how the non profit works.

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    Find out the number of clients

    Determine the number of people the nonprofit company provides services to. This should display the positive growth within a limited amount of resources. Also ask for their future plans and endeavours. If the aims and objectives are farfetched and scrappy, it can result in ineffectiveness. It is vital that future plans satisfy the mission statement for the non profit to be more effective. Lastly, use the research to change any future aims if there were bad results from an almost same plan.

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