How to Mind your Own Business

Curiosity is the basic instinct of mankind but it becomes irritating if someone is crossing the limits and poking their nose into other people’s matters. This is not only considered an ill-mannered practice but it also disassociates the person from others.

If you find yourself in a situation when you are unable to stop yourself from interfering in the business of others then there are couple of exercises to get rid of this offensive habit. Don’t worry as you won’t have to join some school or institution rather you just need to make a few changes in your behaviour.


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    Evaluate yourself:

    First, you should spare some time and try to understand your actual nature. Find a peaceful corner and evaluate yourself. However, you should keep in mind that the purpose of this exercise is not a punishment. Do not succumb to self cursing rather embrace yourself and think of a strategy to get rid of negative things.

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    Ask WHY?

    The next thing you should do is to develop a habit of questioning yourself. Before doing anything, you should ask why I am doing this repeatedly. If you have any concern then there is no harm in interfering but still you should remain within limits. You must be aware of delayed-action technique. Try to apply “think before you speak” rule in your life and you will be amazed to see the results.

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    Walk away:

    You must be able to control yourself and resist the temptation of gossip. If you feel that there is nothing related to you in any matter, simply walk away. Learn to say NO to your desires as this will help you in gaining self control and ultimately you will be able to mind your own business.

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    Limit your social circle:

    Things start becoming worse when you have countless persons in your social circle. You get interesting news about your friends all the time and ultimately this forces you to poke your nose into someone's business. The best way to avoid this situation is to limit your social circle. It does not mean that you should bring all your relations to an end. It just requires you to maintain some distance and confine yourself to limited friends.

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    Know how to draw the line:

    You must know how to draw the line and keep yourself controlled. Do not worry, it does not mean that you are a cold-hearted person rather it gives a good impression that you respect the freedom of others.

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