How to Mountain Bike in Kenya

Those of you who own a mountain bike would like to know how exciting it is to ride a mountain bike in Kenya. Wild animals, safari parks and irregular trails, Kenya is full of surprise. If you are looking to for leisurely rides through the country sides to uphill stations, you will be glad to know that Kenya has a lot to offer. If you have the passion and love for mountain biking, do not forget to visit Kenya.

Things required:

– A mountain bike
– Helmet
– Gloves
– Bike repair kit
– Hydration system
– Maps
– GPS system (optional)
– Cell phone


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    Consider buying a mountain bike from your local bicycle store. If you do not have the money to buy a new mountain bike, consider borrowing it from a close friend or relative. Note that most mountain bikes are inexpensive as compared to racing and other types of bikes. It is recommended to make sure the bike has a comfortable seat, wide tires and solid and reliable shock absorbers. Take your time to find the best deal in the market. Remember to make sure that the mountain bike is of the highest quality and strong enough to endure the punishment of riding on uneven trails.

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    Secondly, you will need to buy all the required equipment to be able to cope with the challenges in Kenya. You must get a comfortable helmet that meets the required safety standards. It is also advised to buy the tire repairing kits along with the mountain bike. Get some extra padding and hydration system if you plan to ride the bike for long periods of time. A light might also be a very good idea as you never know what to expect while riding on different trails in Kenya.

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    To keep you hands safe from dirt particles and other harmful bacteria, you should consider getting a pair of riding gloves. This will also ensure stronger handle grip. Train hard. Mountain bike riders need strong muscles and skills as the length of cycle rides can be very long sometimes. Be sure to do some stretching beforehand to get your muscles warmed up for the long distances you will be riding.

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    If possible join a group of cyclists who have plans to visit Kenya. The best way to find such information is to become a member of your local cycling community. They will keep you informed about any upcoming local and international cycling events. The members of this group can also help you buy the right safety equipment that is suitable for Kenya.

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