How to Move Heavy Furniture by Yourself

Moving to a new house brings plenty of excitement, but also a lot of mess. You can hire special people to shift the whole furniture from one place to another, but rearrangement should be done by yourself. At some point in your life, you may face a situation, when you have to move things. Hiring people might prove very costly.

You cannot ask your friends for help all the time, because they might be busy somewhere else. Especially when you are in hurry, you cannot wait for others to come and help. There are plenty of things which you have to do by yourself, and moving furniture is perhaps one of them.

When you have no one to seek help from, you need to be really careful. Moving heavy furniture is not an easiest thing to do. You always require a good strategy to go ahead. By making a good work plan, you can easily finish the job on your own, and this will save plenty of time and money.


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    First of all, you need to make a close assessment of the future. Have a good look, and make an idea about its weight, size and shape. If you want to move it through the door, have a look at the size of door. Spend some time on this step, and find out the best possible way to move the furniture.

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    Remove the attached parts, if there are any. If you are intended to move a cupboard, you need to ensure that all the shelves and drawers are empty. This will help you avoid damage. Moreover, by removing the attached parts, you can make the furniture less heavy. Don’t forget to lock all the doors of the cupboard.

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    Always use sliders to move the heavy furniture. Lift each side one by one, and place the furniture on the slider. Another good option is to use a trolley, but it might be very difficult to put the heavy one on a roller.

    Use long rods to lift the furniture. If you sliding a heavy tall furniture through the door horizontally, don’t forget to place some foam underneath, as it will help you avoid scratches.

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    Try to decrease the friction. You can do it by pouring washing detergent on the floor, but don’t make it too slippery. Always push the lower part of the tall furniture, because you might make shake it up by pushing the upper portion.

    If you want to move furniture up or down the stairs, always use sliders and use your shoulder to push. Your own safety should be the top priority.

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