How to Move Your Wine Collection

People do not think of moving wine collection until the time comes and they are going to shift to a new house or apartment. The shifting may be due to moving to a bigger house for increase of family members or due to work related reasons. However, wine collection is like a prized treasure and you need to take special measures in order to shift it without any damage. You need to make sure that your collection reached the destination in time and without any breakage. Take proper precaution for shifting your wine collection.


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    First of all you need to get your wine collection appraised by a professional. Wine collections have high value and cost. You can get it appraised by companies which transport wines. You can consult your local wine merchants about these companies. They will charge your wine collection movement in hourly basis or will tell you the whole cost. However, you need to take pictures and document of your wine collection.  Remember to inform the appraiser about moving the wine collection before calling him. Big companies will offer best coverage in case of any damage or loss during transportation.

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    Legal Formalities

    You need to consult the state authorities where you are shifting your wine collection. Remember that most state will have no restrictions but some states will check the amount of alcohol bought for personal use. However, you can always consult the mover and take his advice.

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    Packing your wine collection

    Wines come under fragile and delicate items and you should pack them according to specific instructions. It is recommended that you let professional pack your wine collection. However, you can also buy boxes from moving companies and pack the wine bottles yourself. These boxes have dividers in them and you need to place them upside down or on their sides in them.

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    Moving your wine collection

    The older the wines, the more delicious and valuable they get. In order to preserve the flavour of your wines while shifting, you need to maintain a temperature of 55 degrees. White wines are less affected by climate change but if you have rare collection then choose the moving company which have climate-controlled storage. Climate-controlled storage movers may charge you more but your wines taste will be preserved.

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