How to Naturally Protect Your Skin From the Sun if You Garden

At the end of March gardening enthusiasts begin preparing for planting a variety of plants.  However, gardeners find it difficult spending time in the garden due to the blistering summer heat and damaging ultra violet rays (UV). The UV rays cause many skin issues like discolouration, tanning, dryness, wrinkles and skin cancer etc. However, there are some simple ways to naturally protect your skin from the sun if you enjoy gardening.

Things Required:

– Long-sleeved shirt
– Long pants
– Gardening gloves
– Wide-brimmed hat
– UV-protective clothing – optional
– Sunglasses


  • 1

    Cover Your Body

    Covering your body is the best idea to protect your skin from the sunlight. UV-protective clothing is easily available nowadays. However, such clothing is a bit expensive as they are new in the gardening industry. If you cannot afford UV-protective clothing, simply put on full-sleeved shirt and some long pants. Here you have to be careful about the colour and material of your clothing. Wear light-coloured cotton shirt and pants as they repel the UV rays. Moreover, avoid tight clothing and prefer loose and comfortable ones.

  • 2

    Wear Gardening Gloves

    The skin of your hands, especially on the backs, is very sensitive as compared to the other parts of the body. So protect your hands by wearing the specially designed gardening gloves in any colour other than black.

  • 3

    Wear Your Sunglasses

    Eyes are light sensitive organs. Protect them from the damaging UV rays by wearing sunglasses. The particularly designed “UV-protective sunglasses” are now available in the market.

  • 4

    Cover Your Head and Face

    Now wear a wide-brimmed hat or a big beach hat to cover up your head, face, ears, shoulders and neck.

  • 5

    Apply Sunscreen Lotion

    If you find gardening difficult with the above mentioned dressing ideas, simply apply a sunscreen lotion to the exposed parts of your body. Sunscreen lotions are devised to look after your skin from the sun's injurious rays. However, makes sure to buy a good quality sunscreen lotion with a good amount Sun Protection Factor (SPF).

  • 6

    Shaded Area:

    If you still insist on gardening during the bright sunny days then try to find an area which has some shade so that you can take a break while outside. Remember, after every ten or twenty minutes it will be a good idea to go this shaded area and take a break. Also, be sure to follow the other tips given and not just use the shade as your only source of protection from the sun while gardening.

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