How to Not Kill Your Fish

Most fish keepers complain of dying fish. There can be various reasons for this, but the basic problem is that people who keep fish at home generally do not have ample knowledge of how to treat and nurture them.

Fish need a certain environment to live in. If that particular environment is not provided, they get ill and most of them die sooner rather than later. Other problems that lead to the death of many fish are overstocking, overfeeding and too much cleaning of the tank. You must also take good care of the food which fish eat as there are many low quality products available in the market.


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    Do not overstock

    Always keep fish according to the capacity of the fish tank. If there are more fish in the tank than the required capacity, there is certainly a danger of overcrowding. It is important to note that fish produce a lot of waste and the more fish there are in a tank, the more waste they will produce. Also, a general rule of keeping the fish in a tank is that you should start off by keeping just 20 percent of fish, from the allowed quota. If the fish thrive, add 20 percent more, and keep on doing it till 80 percent.

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    Do not overfeed

    Most fish die because of overfeeding. Kids love fish but they tend to overfeed them by throwing food in the fish tank many times a day. Uneaten food can make the water in the tank toxic, which will in turn kill many fish. The feeding routine of fish should be fixed at about two or three times a day. Anything above that could be dangerous for them.

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    Avoid too much cleaning

    Frequent cleaning of the tank can also be dangerous for the fish. You should never change all the water in the tank. It is recommended that about 25% of the water should be changed once in a month as fish get used to the water they are living in. Changing everything at once will cause a change in environment.

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    Buy quality fish food

    Most fish die because of the low quality food you feed them. Always buy fish food from a renowned seller and check the expiry date before doing so.

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