Control Your Pet’s Bladder Control Problems

Your beloved pet no longer seems to be able to hold themselves and your home ends up with wet spots all over and smells like a toilet. Of course, puppies and kittens use the bathroom often but not adult pets. Is there something wrong? Perhaps. Some pets develop kidney or urinary tract infections that cause them to be unable to hold themselves for any length of time. Kidney, urinary, or other infections can cause bladder control problems in your pet. However, there are things you can do to help control your pet’s bladder problems.

One important thing you can do to control your pet’s bladder control problem is to avoid giving them water at night. Just like some people who have bladder control problems shouldn’t drink water right before they go to bed, neither should pets. But don’t make the mistake of not giving your pet enough water. Giving them more water throughout the day can help eliminate infections that build up in the kidneys and the urinary tract that cause urine problems. Also, not giving some pets enough water can be dangerous.

Getting your pet out of the house and taking him for a nice walk will give them plenty of chances to use the bathroom without them feeling like they have to hold it until their outside breaks come. To help control wet spots around the house, you can purchase specially designed diapers for pets. Just like people who have incontinence problems and need a diaper, there are diapers available for pets that have bladder control problems. Be sure you change your pet’s diaper often, diaper rash can occur if you leave a soaked diaper on for too long. Pet diapers are available at pet stores and sometimes vets will carry them.

If your pet has a bladder control problem, be sure to watch them carefully. If your pet starts walking in circles and smelling or pawing at the floor, more likely they are just about ready to go. Get him outside as soon as possible. Some pets have to go right after they eat a meal so after you feed your pet take them outside. Also, keep a regular eating schedule and take them outside on a regular schedule that way if your pet does have to go after they eat they will head for the door.

If your pet seems to have bladder control problems when they are alone, try putting them in a specific enclosed area like a crate or large box. Most pets hate to use the bathroom where they sleep so this will help control their need to go. But be sure you let your pet out for a longer period when you do come back, so they will have more time to relieve themselves.

For cats, be sure to keep their litter box close to them and clean. Don’t make them have to search for their litter boxes, and since many cats are finicky a dirty litter box may keep them from using the bathroom where they should.

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