How to Obtain a Disabled Parking Permit in Virginia

With nearly 1 in 10 people living in the United States being disabled in some way or another, it is crucial for them to obtain a disabled parking permit so that they are able to go in and out of their vehicle easily.

Not many people may consider this but the shorter distance they have to travel due to the reserved disabled parking spots and the allocation of a greater space for them to enter and exit can make their lives a whole lot better in every sense.

In Virginia, the process of obtaining a disabled parking permit is not much different as compared to other states.


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    While the definition of disabled is quite broad, you should go on to the Virginia DMV website to see whether or not you qualify for a permit. Checking to see if you are one of the people who are classified under the disability conditions defined by Virginia state law will allow you to go ahead with the process instead of wasting time and finding out in the end that you are not able to get one.

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    Application Form

    After seeing that you are eligible for a disabled parking permit in Virginia, the next step is to download and print the Disabled Parking Placard or License Plate Application Form MED 10. This form will ask for your basic information along with the need for you to certify that you indeed are disabled and will be using this permit for yourself.

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    Medical Certification

    After you have filled out the form to the extent where your input was necessary, it is now the time to request your physician or medical practitioner to fill out the part of the form which is required by them to complete. If your disability is temporary in nature, the medical practitioner will need to give specific dates for when the disability came about and when it is expected to come to an end. This is important to avoid any legal troubles later on.

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    Sending Form

    After the form has been completed, you will need to mail it to the address which may be either found on the form itself or through the website. There may be some fees depending on the type of permit that you are looking to be issued. Also, it must be remembered that one individual cannot be issued more than a single disabled parking permit in Virginia.

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