How to Order a Taxi in Dubai

Dubai’s public transport is known to be reliable, luxurious and efficient, but what is not common knowledge is that it mainly hinges on taxis. Metro serves a specific part of the city, and there are no tram stations or inner-city trains covering the whole of the city, which means taxis make a major proportion of Dubai’s public transport.

As a tourist in the city your first priority should be to know as much as you can about the transport system. After all, you wouldn’t want to step out of the airport and have no clue what to do next. Don’t worry though, our guide here will help you get your first cab in Dubai.

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    Types of Taxis in Dubai

    There are various types of taxis in Dubai, including government and privately owned vehicles. Cream colored taxis are government-operated, pink roofed are female driven, while there are special need taxis as well, which are luxurious and custom-designed keeping the comfort of passengers in mind.

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    Where to Get a Taxi

    All taxis can either be waved down the street and signaled to stop, or their offices can be called for advance booking. Taxis can also be found through the taxi ranks situated all over Dubai. Moreover, you can also send an SMS to 4774 to book a Taxi.

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    Women's Safety

    If you are a woman concerned about public transport in a foreign city, you can spot a taxi which has a pink roof, since they are driven by females and are specifically for women and families.

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    Keep a Map

    Get a map of the city, mark the airport and note all the major landmarks surrounding it. This way when you take a cab, you can not only identify places (which is fun), but will also have a general sense of where you are headed.

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    Don't Use Private Taxis

    Never use a private taxi. They are illegal and can be unsafe. Also, you may also be fined for using private car pooling.

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    Taxis to be Preferred

    Preference should be given to cream colored taxis because they are government owned. These are considered the safest and most reliable taxis in the city.

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    Traveling Across Emirates via Taxi

    In UAE, each emirate has its license for taxis, so if you're travelling within Dubai, catch a Dubai registered taxi only. Similarly, if you have to go to Sharjah from Dubai, get a Sharjah registered cab. Moreover, keep in mind that there are additional charges for entering another emirate.

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    Tipping the Drivers

    Last but not the least, there is no compulsion to tip the taxi drivers like in New York. It is your prerogative and while most do not tip, there are some people who give as much as Dh. 15 or Dh. 20.

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