How to Organize Your FAQ Page

A well made and informative website can be a massive tool of success for any organisation. Having a good quality website that can provide visitors with all the necessary information can be crucial for them making up their mind to whether to engage your services or not.

One of the most important factors that must be kept in mind is the FAQ page. Frequently Asked Questions are always posted on websites along with answers. Mostly when people are trying to get information about your company, they will be visiting this page.

It is of the utmost importance that the page has been well planned and executed accordingly and you will need to take care of a few important factors to make sure that you give the best possible impression and the most precise information to those who seek it.


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    Make a List

    Make a list of all the questions that are being asked frequently through email inquiries or by clients in face to face meetings. Once the list is made, you will know the issues the consumers are most concerned about or want information on. Go through this list to make sure it is not repetitive. Have feedback from all departments so that everything is included.

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    Make Categories

    After getting the questions ready, make categories in which to put the questions in. You may have categories related to sales procedures, return policy and after sales service. Make sure that no category is missed and double check to make sure that all questions are posted in the right category. Having categories will help the visitors get the right answer of their particular question.

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    Answer Professionally

    Make sure that you prepare the answers to be posted on the website professionally and there are no ambiguities in those answers. Ideally these should be answered by experts in each department and the answers should be composed for the website by professional writers so that the best answers are written in the best possible manner.

  • 4

    Frequently Update

    Make sure that you update the page every now and again. There are going to be policy changes as well as new questions. Keeping this page updated will make your clients and potential clients stay in the loop and you will have a lot of satisfied people visiting the FAQ page.

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