How to Paint Wall Tile

Has the paint on your wall tiles started wearing off or are you simply bored of looking at the same color since ages? Maybe it is time to paint them new. Do not panic. This is no budget alert since you do not have to hire any professional help for it. You can paint your wall tiles yourself over the weekend and revamp the whole look of the place. A low cost project that gives you a chance to remodel your surroundings. You can paint the tiles of any color and design that you want depending upon your creative streak. Have a look at steps in this regard as we take you through the entire process.

Things you need:

– Sandpaper and block (or sanding machine)
– Rags or tack cloths
– Primer
– Paint brush or roller
– Semi-gloss or high gloss oil based paint
– Paint thinner


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    Clean the tile:

    Paint does not like to stick and stay on slippery surfaces like a tile. So you have to give the tile a rough texture. Start with cleaning it vigorously with a commercial tile cleaner to clear the dirt and break in to the shiny surface.

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    Sand the tile:

    Here comes the part where you make the tile rough enough to be painted. Take a 220 bit sandpaper hand held orbital sander and sand the tile. You can even do it by hand if you do not have an orbital sander. Sand every corner and edge well because this is the most critical stage of the process. Clear off the dust before proceeding.

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    A layer of primer is what you need to build the perfect foundation for painting your tile. Get a high quality primer with great adhesive properties. Do not compromise on this part. Use a brush to apply the primer over the tile. Let the first coat dry and than  apply another one.

    Once the second coat dries, take a fresh 220 grit sandpaper and sand the tile lightly to remove any bumps created by the primer because you want a perfectly level surface for the paint.

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    Here comes the main step. Get oil based paints of the colors you want. Paint a light coat over the tile. Let the first coat dry for at least 24 hours and than apply another coat. Repeat the process. The more coats you apply, the better and durable results you achieve. However, do let the old coat dry before applying a fresh one.

    In the end apply a final layer of clear paint to give the tile a glossy finish.

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