How to Paint Your Toenails Perfectly

Toe nails make your feet look extremely good and have slowly become a style statement for women. Nowadays, girls tend to spend more time treating their fingers and toe nails with different colored nail polishes which also match the outfit they are wearing. Painting the toe nails is relatively easier than polishing your finger nails as you can use both your hands. 

Things Required:

– Nail polish
– Nail polish remover
– Cotton balls
– Nail file
– Nail clippers
– Cuticle cream
– Cuticle stick
– q-tips (optional but helpful)


  • 1

    Take off your old polish

    First of all you need to remove your old polish which is hanging out on your toes. For hard to reach edges, you can use a q-tip to remove the old polish.

  • 2

    Buff the tops of the nails

    Since your toenails are rougher as compared to your fingernails, it is advisable to apply a nail buffer in order to smooth ridges and grooves. This process will discard residuals left from your old pedicure and will lead your new pedicure last longer.

  • 3

    Clip and file your nails

    Next you need to clip the nails and then file it according to your desired shape. 

  • 4

    Wash up

    Wash your toenails thoroughly after clipping and filing. You need to take off the entire nail polish remover and then soften your cuticles.

  • 5

    Check your cuticles

    After readying your toenails, you need to push back cuticles with help of a cuticle stick. If you feel that it needs to be use a cuticle cutter. Later apply a cuticle cream but make sure to remove any cream that sticks on the nails.

  • 6

    Separate toes and apply a base coat

    Now you need to separate your toes so you can apply paint with ease. Then put on a base coat which is enriched with calcium.

  • 7

    Choose the color and paint

    After applying the base coat, pick the color you want to use on your toenails. Then apply the paint carefully so that it spreads evenly. You should paint light thin layer and let it dry for 10 minutes. After it is dried, you need to apply another coat of paint in a similar way.

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