How to Use a Nail Art Dotting Pen

Girls are very fond of using nail polishes in different styles and rightly so; it adds a lot of beauty to their hands by making them look colourful. Merely applying nail polish isn’t what girls like to have these days but making different coloured designs are preferred by females going to a party. They had to use fine tipped brushes or toothpicks to make dots or waves onto their polished nails. However, modern nail art dotting pens have made this task very easy for the girls and they can apply a wide variety of nail polish designs now.


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    You can purchase nail art pens from Walmart and they will cost $5 to $10. Once you add a particular nail polish into a dotting pen, you cannot any other colour to the same pen unless. Hence, you might need to buy more than one pen if you want to add more colours to your nails.

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    Keep the cap onto the nail art pen and shake it well. You will hear the movement of cartridges inside the pen while shaking.

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    Press the tip of the dotting pen against any solid surface. Keep pressing it all the way down until you can see some ink at the base of the tip. This will denote that ink has flowed to the nib and your art pen is ready for use. Try out with some designs on your nail to practice using the pen and use a nail polish remover to clean it off.

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    Now it is time to get started with the actual process. Apply a base coat of polish on your nails with your regular application brush and let it dry for some time.

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    You can add a back ground colour to nails before further designing with the dotting pen. Choose darker colour for the background, such as crimson, violet, black or navy. Draw strips from the cuticle to the tip of the nails and let it dry completely.

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    Take your nail art pen and start designing. You can make simple dots, letters, hearts, flowers, strips or any other creative designs on your nails. Once you get expert in using the dotting pen, you can make more complex designs on your nails.

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    Let the nail polish dry for a while and then apply a top coat to add further shine to your nails.

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