How To Create a Reverse French Manicure

Not many people care for their hands as much as they pay attention to their facial beauty. Your hands are one of the most visible and noticed parts of your body and their beauty should be maintained at all cost. Periodic manicure is the most effective way to maintain the beauty of your hands, especially in winter when your skin gets extremely dry. French manicure has been one of the most widely used hand care treatment for the past many years and its benefits cannot be denied. However, using the similar colour pallet again and again might make you feel boring and you might find the need of a change to break this monotony. You can perform a reverse French manicure, which will require you to use the light colours for the most part of the nail and a different shade at the tip. You can do experimentation with different colour types while enjoying the benefits of the traditional French manicure at the same time.


  • 1

    Soak your hands in lukewarm water for five minutes to make them soft.

  • 2

    You can use an orange or a cuticle stick and push back the softened cuticle on your nails. This will provide you a wider space to paint your nails and apply nail polish.

  • 3

    Take white or light pink nail polish and start applying it inwards to the thumb of both hands. This will be the base colour for your manicure and you should wait to let the nail polish dry sufficiently.

  • 4

    Make use of the dark shades of nail polish on the top portion of your nail. You can alternatively use a brighter coloured nail polish for experimentation. Apply the nail polish in straight lines or half-moon shape, whichever way you like it to be. Many user guides are available in the beauty stores and even online, which help you to learn the ways of applying uniform nail polish with free-hand.

  • 5

    After your nails have dried up completely, you can use white or pink nail polish once again if you see some unpainted spaces below the half-moons.

  • 6

    Apply the clear top coat of polish on your entire nails to bring shine to them and that is it!

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