How to Make Flower on your Nail Art

The flower nail art designs are one among the beautiful and elegant nail arts designs. Flower nail art designs are very simple to make and requires few inexpensive tools. Make different unique flower nail art designs according to the color of your dress and rock your parties. You can make simple flower designs in formal parties or get-togethers and can add glitter to your designs if you are planning to attend a casual party. Use can make flower designs with one nail polish color, two or can use multiple colors. This article will help you get a clear idea how to make simple and sophisticated flowers on your nail art in your upcoming party or gathering. You will need to practice these simple techniques until you get it right.

Things Required:

Clear nail polish
Two colors of nail polish
Glitter nail polish
Dark nail polish
Nail art brush


  • 1

    Start with manicure of your nails in order to enhance overall beauty of your hands.

  • 2

    Wash your hands with a good quality hand wash and wipe with soft towel.

  • 3

    Now, apply a hand cream around your nails and massage smoothly to make them soft.

  • 4

    Trim your nails and file them around the edges in order to give them a shape according to your taste.

  • 5

    Grab any of your favorite dark nail polish color and make five dots in a circle on your nails.

  • 6

    Now, select a light nail polish and make a dot at the center of the dark five nail polish dots.

  • 7

    Pick up a toothpick or a nail art brush and start drawing five straight lines from the centre of the nail radiating outward through the first five dots. Do not forget to wipe your nail art brush or toothpick on the tissue or a piece of cloth before you draw the next line.

  • 8

    Now, draw a fine line through the outer dots inward towards the single dot at the centre of your nail. Make four more line in the same manner, wiping the toothpick and nail paint brush each time.

  • 9

    Apply any of your favorite glitter nail polish over the rest of your nails. Also fill the spaces between the petals you have painted.

  • 10

    Select another dark nail polish color and make a small round dot in the center of the flower with the help of a tooth pick or a nail art brush.

  • 11

    Grab a tooth pick again and draw curving lines from the base of the flower on your nail in order to create a vine or a delicate stem for the flower.

  • 12

    Wait until the nail polish colors dry properly.

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