How to Easily Remove Stubborn Glitter Polish

Applying Stubborn Glitter Polish is indeed one among the fascinating experiences for girls. Still many girls avoid wearing glittered nail polish as they find it difficult to remove at the end of the day. Kick out your fear! This guide will brief about a convenient method which will allow you to remove Stubborn Glitter Polish with ease. Competing with style and glamour is birth right of every girl or lady, so go for it now.

Let’s first grab all the required things which will help us to remove polish.

– Empty nail paint bottle
– School glue
– Eyedropper/ straw
– Water drops
– Rubber nail
– Glitters


  • 1

    Let’s start by taking an empty nail polish bottle. (You can use any bottle or top coat bottle.) Add some of nail polish remover or spin acetone into an empty bottle in order to remove extra polish scum. Let it dry and then it’s ready to use.

  • 2

    Squeeze the school glue into bottle and leave some space at the top of bottle.

  • 3

    Pick up the eyedropper or any straw. Now add number of water drops in it. Cap the polish bottle tightly and shake it well to mix the glue with water. Add more water while considering your required consistency.

  • 4

    Now brush newly formed glue on your clear nail, as you apply nail paint on nail. Make sure that you are not applying it close to your cuticle, but still if you did so, you can use rubber nail as a tool to remove all additional glue from your nails. If glue dries on your cuticle then your polish will pop off before desired time.

  • 5

    Once you are done with painting your all 10 nails with glue give them 10 minutes to dry. When it gets dry and you feel it’s looking dull that means you are now allowed to apply any glitter nail paint over your nails while using any basecoat.

  • 6

    Your applied glitter should last for satisfactory time period even it should last while dish washing and showering. But when you want to remove it you can use your thumbnail /cuticle tool to pick up/lift the nail paint corners.

  • 7

    Smoothly scoot this tool under the nail paint. Make sure it pop off as hole without damaging your nailbed.

  • 8

    Now remove nail polish from all nails of both hands. If still you see any spot or lingering residue on nails then use nail polish remover to remove them. Now you are done with it also ready for a new glittery manicure!

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