How to Use a Fingernail Cuticle Pusher for Manicuring

Do you think the manicure charges of the beauty parlors is quiet high and it is better to do it at home? Then it is not bad idea all as it is easy and cost-effective activity. However, it is important to have a proper know how of the equipments used in the manicure. The Cuticle Pusher is one of them or you can say it is the main item for manicure. It is used to push the cuticles of the nails back in order to give then neat look and to make them look long. The proper knowledge about the use of a fingernail cuticle pusher for manicure will help you to push the cuticles smoothly without any pain.


  • 1

    Select your cuticle pusher

    You can find wooden and steel cuticle pushers in any of your nearest beauty store. Now it’s you who have to decide whether you are comfortable with the wooden one or the steel one. However, according to general observation, the steel cuticle pushers are good for hard cuticles and the wooden cuticle pushers are best for soft cuticles. Thoroughly examine the tip of the cuticle; it should be neither too pointy nor too blunt.

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    Wash your hands

    First of all, Wash Your Hands properly in order to moisten them and to make them free from any kind of dust and germs.

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    Soak your hands in warm water

    Once you wash hands, pour some lukewarm water into a medium bowl and soak your hands in it for around 5 minutes.

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    Wipe your hands dry

    Take out your hands from water and wipe them dry with a clean towel or tissue paper.

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    Apply cuticle oil

    If you have thick cuticles, then simply grab cuticle oil and gently apply it to your nails. Leave it for some time until penetrates into your cuticles as it is useful in making them soft to be pushed back easily.

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  • 6

    Push the cuticle back

    Place one of your fingers on a smooth surface, hold the flat end of the cuticle pusher at semi-horizontal position and softly press on the cuticles of the fingernail back.

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    Push the cuticles of remaining nails

    Repeat step 6 on your remaining nine fingernails.

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