How to Apply Glitter in Nail Art

The addition of glitter to nail art designs can add a great deal of sophistication to your nails. Although glitter is none other than one of the simplest beauty elements but it has the capability to add a touch of glamour to almost any simple nail art design. The glittery nail art is one among the best ways to enhance the beauty of women. The trend of the glittery nail art is changing and improving with the passage of time, becoming more and more versatile. Using glitter in nail art is very simple and takes few minutes. Apply glitter to your nail art designs and be attractive, eye-catching, and glamorous among others.

Things Required:

Glitter nail polish
Loose glitter
Clear acrylic


  • 1

    Manicure your nails in order to get them prepared for the glitter nail art. Wash your nails with a fine quality sanitizer; apply good quality hand cream on your hands, especially on the skin around your nails.

  • 2

    File your nails to give them a neat look.

  • 3

    Select one among the multiple forms of glitter to apply on your nails. You can select glitter strip, glitter polish, loose glitter or the glitter mixed into clear or acrylic paints.

  • 4

    Think out of the box and replace the traditional white strip with either glitter polish or glitter strips. The glitter strips or the glitter polish looks just amazing with the nail polish colour that complements the pale pink of the French manicure, including peach glitter, darker pink glitter or white glitter.

  • 5

    Detail a nail art image with one of your favourite glitter. You can think of snowflake, star, beach, snowflake or a Christmas tree etc. Grab a nailbrush and dip it into a glitter nail polish or a glitter concoction mixed with an acrylic.  Now, gently dot the selected glitter nail polish into the designs. The glittery dots will definitely add sparkle to your glittery nail art.

  • 6

    Think more creatively and polish your nails with solid nail paint. Gently apply topcoat and let your nails dry. Now paint your nails with any of your favourite glittery nail polishes. Top it a loose glitter and let it dry completely. Top your nails by painting stars, flowers, hearts or any of your favourite designs. Finish off with another and final coat of glittery nail polish.

  • 7

    Last but not the least, you can create an impressive fun look by applying glow in the dark glitter nail polish. This idea best suits all types of Halloween or parties. Apply black paint or any other dark nail paint that you like. Let it dry completely and then apply a glow-in-the-dark glitter all over your nails. You can also apply it on the tip of your nails.

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