How to do Leopard Print Nail Art Designs

You would definitely love to convert your simple nail into elegant and stylish ones, decorating with unique idea of nail art. There are various types of nail art designs. The Leopard nail art designs are one among the famous nail art designs. Leopard print nail art designs are very simple to make, eye-catching and they do not require the type of precision some other nail art designs can demand. Use a tan or a brown nail polish if you like traditional leopard print. However, if you do not have these nail polishes or you want a modern look in leopard prints, then you can simple use funky colours like pink or blue.

Things Required:

Nail polish remover
Cotton balls
Base coat
Image of leopard print
Nail polish
Cotton tip applicators


  • 1

    Wash your nails with sanitizer in order to prepare them for nail painting.

  • 2

    Remove an old nail polish if any, soaking cotton balls in a good quality nail polish remover.

  • 3

    File you nails to give them a proper shape.

  • 4

    You beautiful nails are all set to apply nail paints.

  • 5

    Apply a goldish base coat which will help protect your decorated nails and make it last longer.

  • 6

    Pick up a slightly darker yellow, brown or gold colour nail polish and paint large dots on your nails. Make sure to make the large dots jagged looking.

  • 7

    Grab a dark brown nail polish and draw an outline for every dot.

  • 8

    Now, gently add random dots of dark colour around the shapes.

  • 9

    Finish your nail art designs with a topcoat of a nail polish, which protects the polish from chipping.

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