How To Care for Fiberglass Nails

Nails are the most important part of beautiful hands and ladies never compromise on it. They always try their best to keep their nails clean and beautiful by applying different products. However, the trend changed dramatically as beauty industry started offering artificial nails, and females accepted the change gleefully. You can buy any type or design of nails you want and give your fingers flawless beauty. These nails can be used whenever you like and can remove them as your disposal.

There are many types of artificial or fake nails available in market but fiberglass nails have earned a considerable place. Fashionable ladies always use these nails which give a natural look and give an added beauty to fingers. These nails are the most fragile and need proper care to keep them safe for a longer period of time. However, many ladies do not know how to do it properly and end up in damaging their fiberglass nails. Today we are going to tell you how can you care for your fiberglass nails.


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    First of all, you need to realise that fiberglass nails are fragile and can easily break if not handled properly. Never open the lid of a bottle or jar with these nails which can cause them immediate damage.

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    You should also realise that these nails are purely for decorative purpose and not for doing such works that can damage these nails easily.

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    However, if you have to work while you are using fiberglass nails, then use gloves which will save your nails touching directly to different things. Rubber gloves are the best choice that do not let your feel pressure on the nails during work.

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    Do not touch things that have strong chemicals as they can easily damage fiberglass nails and also can cause them to flake off.

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    Always use nail oil and cuticle which will keep the nails moisturized and prevent them from becoming dry. However, wash your hands before you use oil on your nails which will also prevent from infection.

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    Do not forget to fill your fiberglass nails once in every two-week period. If your natural nails grow slowly, then you can take three weeks to fill your fiberglass nails.

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    If you are using too long fiberglass nails, then you have to take extra care of the nails as they are more vulnerable and are broken easily even if you get your nail hit with a solid surface accidently.

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    Maintenance of fiberglass nails is very important and for that purpose you need to keep consulting with your nail technician with regular intervals.

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