How to Trim Your Nails Perfectly

Trimming nails is one of the most important aspects of your personal hygiene. In addition, it is also one of the key features of a female make-up. Well-trimmed and clean nails reflect a lot about one’s personality, and it is recommended that one trims his/her nails on a regular basis. Although it looks like an easy task, it sometimes can cause minor problems if not trimmed properly. In order to trim your nails perfectly, one should keep some simple things in mind.

Things Required:

– Nail Clippers
– Nail File
– Tissue


  • 1

    Choose the right type of clipper to trim your nails. If you are trimming your hands’ nails then use a medium sized clipper with curved blades. However, if you are trimming your toenails then use a large sized clipper with straight blades. After you have selected your clipper, sanitize it before commencing the process of trimming your nails.

  • 2

    Before starting, it is recommended that one washes his/her nails thoroughly. One can take a shower or just wash their hands and feet to remove all the dirt as well as soften your nails that will make trimming easy.

  • 3

    Examine your nails closely in order to determine how you want to trim them. Lift and turn the leverage part of the clipper, and then place it properly over one of your nail. It does not matter whether you start cutting your nails from thumb or your index finger. The only important part is to place the clipper properly over the nails.

  • 4

    Make sure that you align the curved blade perfectly over the edge of your nails. Do not place your clipper very deep inside your nail, as it will cut off the skin the underneath skin as well, which will be painful. Apply slight pressure over the leverage of the clipper, and trim the unwanted part of your nail.

  • 5

    Repeat the process over every other finger nail on both of your hands until you are completely satisfied with the trimming. Now take out the nail file to shape up the sharp edges of your nails, and then clean them with the help of a tissue. Apply moisturiser on your hands after you are done filing.

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