How to Take Care of Your Fingernails

Fingernails may be small in size but they are the first thing one notices during a handshake. Dirty, broken and coarse nails are certainly not a pleasant sight. On the medical side, nails are known to show the state of a person’s internal health.

Taking care of fingernails is thus very important. This care has to be both internal through the diet and external through hygiene and cleaning. Fortunately it is not much of an effort if incorporated into a healthy lifestyle.


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    The nails will show the diet you eat automatically. A healthy diet will have a positive effect on them like any other body part. Fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamins will give the nails a boost and repair them. Nails are composed of protein. A diet with substantial amount of protein from healthy sources like lean meat will certainly show on the nails.

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    To avoid breakage, wear gloves while carrying out tasks that can be hard on the nails. This includes gardening, cutting and other hard work. Wearing gloves while washing protects the nails from harsh chemicals. Furthermore, a lot of us use our nails as screwdrivers. Refrain from using nails to open bottle caps and any such work which includes using them as the lever.

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    While using polish, make sure you use the highest quality of it. Using a nail hardener or protection coat over nail polish or bare nails provides a layer of protection for the nails. Do not manicure more then once a week because the chemicals in the polish can be harmful for the health of the nails. Furthermore, while cutting the nails, cut them in a round shape. The round shape protects against any breakage. File any edges and any cuts as soon as they appear to protect the rest of the nail.

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    Dry nails are more prone to breakage. Keep the nails moisturized. Do it internally with a lot of water and fluid intake. Externally, use a lotion or moisturizer after every time you wash your hands. Massage the moisturizer into the nail part. Press back any cuticles that appear instead of trying to pull them out and irritating them. Cuticles are very sensitive and if hurt they can disfigure the nails and cause a lot of pain.

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