How to Remove Nail Decals

Nail decals are simple, beautiful, inexpensive and very easy to apply. Nail decals give a great final addition to nails with a simple nail polish on them. After showing off your eye-catching nail decals, it is the time to remove them with care in order to make space for new and fresh nail decals. Removing nail decals is not difficult at all, what you require is a paper towel, nail polish remover and these easy to follow guidelines to get you started.

Things Required:

– Fine quality nail polish remover with brush
– Paper towels


  • 1

    Apply the nail polish remover to all of your nails. You have many options to apply nail polish remover. However, the most simple and easiest way is that buy the remover that comes with a brush. Pick up the brush, dip it into the remover and lightly scrub the brush to your nails. Keep scrubbing until the nail decals loosen. Remember you will want to do this in a well ventilated area as the fumes from the nail polish remover can irritate your eyes and nose. Try to find a good high quality nail polish remover that might cost a little more but works effectively to remove your nail decals.

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    In case if you are using remover other the brush one, simply  stick your finger into the nail polish remover’s jar and scrub it against a sponge or an internal brush. Again, continue scrubbing until you remove the nail decals. Be sure to take your time so that you can completely remove the entire nail decals.

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    If you do not have sponge or internal brush, you can take advantage of the pieces of cotton, which are easily available at home. Dip the cotton balls in nail polish remover and scrub you nail until the nail decals remove completely. Put a little pressure on the cotton ball as you slide it back and forth over your nail decals. This will effectively remove the nail decals in their entirety.

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    Once you remove the nail decals, manicure your nails and file them properly. It is up to you has to how you want to do your nails after removing the nail decals. Be sure to completely wash or rinse your hands to get all the nail polish remover off before doing anything else to your nails.

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    You can also visit your nearest salon and they can easily help by removing your nail decals quickly. This will cost some money so it is entirely up to you if you decide to use this method.

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