How to Apply Gel Nails

Your nails speak tales about your personality. Put on a lush push glossy gel nails and vibrant colours and bring to shame all other girls in the neighbourhood. Yes girls be mean, be beautiful and rock the world.  Gel nails are perfect replacement of the old and traditional acrylic nails. They look more natural as compared to acrylic nails. In addition to that, the gel nails do not harm your own nails and take less time to dry. If you do not have time to keep long nails, as they require proper care and attention, then get advantage of Gel nails and look beautiful.

Things Required:

Gel Nail powder
Nail file
Heat lamp


  • 1

    First, file your nails one by one in order to give them the shape you want.

  • 2

    Get your nails ready by removing the old nail paint if any.

  • 3

    Clean your nails with the help of sanitizer.

  • 4

    Grab cuticle pusher, push back your cuticles properly, and clean the surrounding of your nail plates.

  • 5

    Pick up a buffer and gently buff your nails.

  • 6

    Now, dip the wipes or a piece of cotton in a nails cleaner and clean your nails in order to remove the tiny particles of the dust of the buffing.

  • 7

    Apply the base coat of the primer onto your nails ensuring that it does not touch the side skin of your nails. Wait for some time until your nails dry thoroughly.

  • 8

    Pick up a brush that comes with the gel nail and apply a very thin and smooth layer of nail gel, brushing from the cuticles of your nails to the free edges.

  • 9

    Cure for 1 to 3 minutes and then place both of your hands under the light until your nails dry completely.

  • 10

    Apply second coat of nail gel. However, adopt new technique this time, allowing a bead of gel to form on your nails and gradually spread it over your whole nails.

  • 11

    Place your hands back under the light and wait until your nails dry thoroughly.

  • 12

    Add the top coat of the nail gel from your cuticles to the end of the nails.

  • 13

    Put your hands under the light for the last time and again wait until your nails dry well.

  • 14

    Your charming nails are ready to throw weight around.

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