How to Apply Full Sheet Nail Decals

Full sheet nail decals look perfect with all shades of nail paints. They give amazing touch to the simple nails and enhance their look dramatically. Full sheet nails decals are easily available in the market. Besides a huge variety, the full sheet nail decals are not expensive at all, as their prices are reasonable as compared to other tools of nail art. Full sheet nail decals are especially designed according to many occasions. If you really want to look different in your next party or get-together, then wear the wonderful full sheet nail decals and rock the party.

Things Required:

Nail file
Nail paints / Nail polishes
Base nail coat
Orangewood stick


  • 1

    Manicure your nails in order to prepare them to apply full sheet nail decals.

  • 2

    Apply a single layer of base coat to all your nails and wait until it dries completely.

  • 3

    Apply any of your favourite polish over the base coat and again wait for some time until the second coat of nail polish dries well.

  • 4

    Remove the selected full sheet nail decals from the packet and trim them to fit your nails. Now place them on your nails.

  • 5

    Pick up an orangewood stick and gently rub it over the full sheet nail decal designs until the paper peels up without any decal on it.

  • 6

    Peel off the sheet of nail decals and examine your nails.

  • 7

    If you find edges that have not adhered completely, you can press them down properly.

  • 8

    File the edges of any of the full sheet nail decals that extend past the edge of your own nails.

  • 9

    Apply topcoat of a nail colour in order to protect your full sheet nail decals.

  • 10

    Let you the topcoat dry thoroughly.

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