How To Apply Fiberglass Nails

Fiberglass nails comes from Acrylic chemical family. They contain cyanoacrylate and liquid and powder acrylic.

These nails help fix broken or damaged nails and protect splits. They are used to extend nails and make them beautiful. Usually people who could not grow nails to their desired lengths used this method.

Things Required:

– False nail tips
– Nail glue (sticker)
– Fiberglass nail glue activator (kicker)
– Fiberglass nail wraps
– Stork scissors
– Tip clippers
– Coarse file
– Buffer


  • 1

    Clean your hand and nails

    First of all you need to clean your hands and clear your nails. If you are wearing a nail polish or using any stuff on your nails then remove it. You need to clean and dry your natural nail bed. You can use a nail polish remover to remove your old nail and then buff it to remove any remaining oil.

    Then dry out your nail bed by using a primer. You can use a product called No Lift Nail Primer for this part of the step.

    Remember not to buff hard as it may damage the growth of your nail. Also apply the primer after reading its instructions. Note that primer is toxic so do not use it more.

  • 2

    Apply the acrylic tip

    After cleaning your nail bed, apply the acrylic tip with human consumption glue. After having your desired length, cut it with a nail cutter or a nail clipper. Then buff your nail.

    Remember to use an entire line of products.

  • 3

    Join fiberglass over the long nail bed

    Next you not to join the fibreglass over the whole nail bed. Cut the excess fiberglass with the stork scissors in order to avoid any excess of fibreglass hanging.

    Remember not to let the fiberglass touch any part of the skin around your nail.

  • 4

    Put the sticker on the fiberglass and the complete nail

    The sticker is the same component used for joining the nail tips. You have to use it over the complete nail and the fiberglass. Then spray a kicker spray to speed up this step.

  • 5

    Finishing of the nails

    After spraying kicker and the hardening of the glue, buff your complete nail again and shape it. In the end, polish the complete nail to give a beautiful look. These nails last for two weeks and are best among artificial nails.

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