How To Clip Thick Toenails

Not all of us are blessed with small soft toenails. Some of us have really gigantic and thick toenails that tend to get nasty if not cut on time. For women especially, having thick toenails can be a nuisance, something they would try to get rid of but they cannot. Unfortunately, dealing with thick toenails is a pain, especially if you are not habitual of cutting them on time.


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    You need to have a big nail cutter or clipper in order to clip your thick toenails. There are usually three sizes of clippers; small, medium and large. Try to get the large size for easy clipping.

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    Next, before attempting to cut the toenails, soak your feet in warm water for at least ten minutes. By doing this, you will allow the toenails to become soft. Softer the toenails are, easier they will be to clip.

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    Remove your feet from the water and wipe them off well. Make sure your toenails are not wet.

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    Start clipping the tips of your toenails. Remember, since your toenails are thick, you cannot clip them off in a go, as that can be painful and dangerous. Try clipping off the tips first before going further.

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    Once you clipped the tips you can then move onto clipping the entire nails. Take precaution in doing so. If you have thick toenails, you should know clipping them off harshly can cause bleeding.

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    Once you have clipped the toenails, use a nail filer to round off the edges. Jagged edges can cause discomfort and can cause your nails to be rough up against your socks or shoes.

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    Next, clean your toenails with a medicated liquid to ensure there is no infection. This is an additional step and you can avoid it. However, it is highly recommended to clean the toenails to ensure there are no bacteria left, especially if you bruise your skin.

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    When clipping thick toenails, you need to go straight across instead of going round. Remember, rounded clipping can give birth to ingrown nails, which are pretty painful.

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