How to Make Artificial Nails

Well-groomed and healthy nails enhance your personality, making you look beautiful and elegant. However, taking care of nails all the time and growing them is no doubt a time consuming process. For that reason, artificial nails are a gift for those who want to grow their nails in order to give a perfect shape to their hands. More pretty and long than natural nails, the artificial nails are basically fashion accessories that add style and elegance to your overall personality. Artificial Nails are also known as nail extensions, false nails, fake nails, fashion nails or nail enhancements in fashion’s world. However, most of us can not afford these pretty nails as they are costly most of the time and our restricted pocket money may not allow us to buy them. Anyhow, given below are easy steps to help you in making your own artificial nails at home.

Things you will need to make artificial nails
– Paper
– Pencil
– Nail cutter
– Cotton calls
– Cuticle pusher
– Scissor
– Clear nail polish


  • 1

    Prepare your nails

    First of all, prepare your natural nails before the application of the artificial nails. Cut your nails with a nail-cutter and clean them, getting the dirt particles out from under your nails and wiping the cuticles with a wet cotton ball. Push your cuticles back with a cuticle-pusher in order to give them a proper shape before cutting the artificial nails.

  • 2

    Measure and sketch Artificial Nails

    Now, measure your nails one by one and sketch their size on a plain paper. Make sure to draw the nails’ shape taller than your natural nails as you can get a chance to adjust them later on. On the other hand, if you cut them shorter than your nails, then it would be difficult for you to fit them and it will give an ugly look.

    Note: Select a good quality paper for making artificial nails.

  • 3

    Cut Artificial Nails

    Grab a small sharp scissor and carefully cut out your nails’ sketch.

  • 4

    Apply clear nail polish

    At this time, apply some nail base coat or a clear nail polish to your nails.

    Note: If you do not have a nail base coat or clear nail polish, then you can use transparent nail paint as a substitute.

  • 5

    Apply Artificial Nail

    Place the paper nail on the specific nail before it dries out and hold it for 10 to 15 seconds until it sticks to your natural nail.

    Note: Do not hold the artificial nail firmly.

  • 6

    Apply the remaining Artificial Nails

    Repeat step 4 and 5 with the remaining nails and give them some time to dry thoroughly.

  • 7

    Remove the extra adhesive nail color

    Pick a clean cotton pad or cotton ball and gently remove the extra adhesive nail color around your nails, if any.

  • 8


    Your artificial nails are ready, Enjoy!

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