How to Make Nail Gel

Long and beautiful nails are considered to be the hallmark of style and beauty. Well-shaped manicured and glossy nails add to the personality and grace of a woman. Women who can’t carry long and beautiful nails tend to get (artificial) Gel Nails. Gel Nails are very easy to apply and give a natural and shiny look. If you are not happy with your natural nails and want a quick fix solution then why not use Gel Nails. You can easily grab a Gel Nail kit from your nearest departmental or cosmetic store which mostly comes with all the requisite items like Gel, nail glue or nail file.  The process to apply Gel Nails is also very easy and you will get done in a few minutes.

Things Required:

– Gel activator
– 20 nail tips
– Nail glue
– Nail file and Nail Buffer
– Woodstick / Toothpick
– UV lamp (optional)


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    How to do Gel Nails without a UV lamp

    You can get your nails gelled using this simple process. Purchase a Gel Nail kit from the market. You should get a good brand that comes with all accessories including glue and file. Start out by wiping off any old polish stuck on your nails. Then file the top of your nails. Now smear the glue on the tip of your nail. You can either choose French manicure or regular glue from the kit. Now position the artificial nail on your natural nail so that it sticks on the natural nail in the perfect manner. Use the small woodstick to remove any glue that has stuck to your skin. Next apply the gel activator just like you smear nail polish. Apply the brush on glue. Again apply the gel activator directly over the glue. Apply quickly before the glue dries. Redo the whole process for the rest of your fingernails and flaunt those gorgeous nails.

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    How to do Gel Nails with a UV lamp

    If you possess an UV lamp at home then you can use it to apply gel on your nails. All you need to do is purchase a Gel Nail Kit from a departmental store. File and clean your nail and apply Nail Gel on it. Now insert your finger into the UV lamp, turn it on and then bring out your nail after it receives the light. File and shape your nail. Repeat the process by again applying the gel and inserting it into the lamp so that it gets light. Now buff your nail and it is ready to go. Redo the process for the rest of your nails.

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