How to Get Healthy Nails

We all know what an impact our nails make on our whole appearance. Dirty, gritty, yellowish and broken nails prove to be such a turn off even when the rest of your body is at its best. Nails are made up of Keratin, a form of protein. If you do not have healthy nails, it might be because of low protein intake, chemical harm due to excessive  exposure to detergents and acetone, a fungal infection because of remaining in damp conditions for long or physical harm due to nail biting. All these internal and external problems can be solved with a little effort and you can have the perfect nails you have been dreaming of.


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    From the Inside:

    Just like any other organ of your body, nails reflect internal health. To get healthy strong nails, you will have to do more then filing and getting them painted. This calls for an improvement in diet and life style.

    Change you overall diet: Include eggs and milk in your diet . They are high on proteins, needed for good nail growth.

    Vitamins: Take vitamin B Biotin daily for strengthening the keratin which is the material your nails are made up of.

    Hydrate: Massage your cuticles and the skin around your nails with petroleum jelly or castor oi. Keep the jars somewhere near so that you do not forget applying them.

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    From the outside:

    Mechanical tools: Do not use your nails as mechanical tools: Do not use your them for poking, picking or pricking anything. You have your fingers and mechanical tools for that.

    Gloves: Wear gloves while washing dishes and clothes so that your nails are protected from the dirt and all the chemicals in the detergent. If your hands get wet, take time to dry them properly to avoid any fungal infection.

    Filing: Do not file in the back and forth motion. File in one direction.Avoid filing after a bath when the nails are very weak and break easily.

    Cuticle: Do not tease or pull at the cuticle or it will effect your whole nail. Push it back at a 45 degree angle or cut them with a nail cutter.

    Clean your nails: Clean them up with an old tooth brush every other day to clear out any dirt remains.

    Avoid Biting: Avoid it totally or you risk having deformed nails.

    Acetone nail polish remover: It is a big NO NO. It takes away your natural nail color and luster and leaves you with pale ones.

    Polish: Keep your nails polished as it's a protective layer coated on your nail. If you do not feel like coloring them up, a clear nail polish is fine enough.

    Cutting: Cut your nails straight across. This eliminates any ingrown nails.

    Manicure: Go for a professional manicure at a spa or health club. Lret it be a treat for your nails.

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