How to Grow Long Strong Nails Fast

Nails are an important part of our body. In fact, they are one of the first things noticed when two people meet. Painted or unpainted, healthy and long nails can enhance your beauty and make you feel more confident when you hold someone’s hand. They say you can judge the health of a person by looking at his nails. However, many of us have the problem of weak and brittle nails which break easily and do not allow you to be long. If your nails are healthy, you can grow them long very easily.


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    For healthy and long nails, you need to keep them protected. If you have a problem of nail biting, it is about time you put an end to it. Use gloves when indulged in intensive activities like washing and gardening where there is a risk of nail breakage. Do not use your nails as a opening tool for cans and screws. File your nails in a round shape because this way they are less prone to breakage. Massage the cuticles with a lotion at night before sleeping so that nail growth is stimulated. Massaging your nails is effective in encouraging growth. Massage your nails for around five minutes each day to increase growth of the nails. You can also use an oil for massaging.

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    Keeping yourself hydrated is as much good for your nails as other parts of the body. Nails become dry and brittle when dehydrated. This slows their growth, makes them appear unattractive and break easily. Drink loads of water. Keep your hands and nails moisturized with lotion and moisturizer. Clean off any soap remains well to avoid drying up.

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    Nails are made up of proteins. Incorporate a protein and calcium rich diet in your life so that your nails grow strong naturally. Using biotin supplements can help you get rid of dry and brittle nails. Increase the vitamin intake by consuming more of natural fruit juices, and eating more raw fruits and veggies.

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    Use good quality nail products. The lesser chemical you use the better it is. If you want to change nail polish colour regularly, the chemicals in both application and removing are going to leave your nails brittle and rough. Use good quality products that are not going to satisfy your goal and long and healthy nails.

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