How To Avoid Damaging Your Nails from Splitting

For females, nails have become the most important part for the beauty of their hands and they always pay extra attention to keep them in good shape. They also try to avoid splitting them by giving intensive care. Some ladies like to keep their nails longer while some do not. But one thing is certain that longer nails require much more care as compared to shorter ones. Considering that, it becomes a most concerned thing for ladies with longer nails to prevent their nails from splitting.

Nail splitting is one of the most common problems for ladies who like to keep their nails long. However, many females give extra care and keep their nails in good shape. However, there are also many ladies who want to let their nails grow longer but are afraid with the fact that they would not be able to save nails from splitting. Splitting nails damage the beauty of hands and ladies usually cut their nails when they get damaged in any way whatsoever.

However, if you like longer nails but are afraid of splitting, you need not to worry about that. If you can care your nails by doing some simple things, you can easily save your nails from splitting.


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    If you have long nails, always use gloves while doing household work. Do the same if your job involves chemical work.

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    Be careful that you do not use your nails to open bottles or to remove staples as it can easily damage your long nails.

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    If you find that gloves cannot be use in a particular task, then make sure you have used a nail hardener which will help you in protecting your nails.

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    Another important thing you need to do for protecting your nails from splitting is that you do not cut them into corners. Cut them straight across as it will give them a good shape and will save them from damaging.

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    You should not use metal nail file if you have an emery board. A metal file can also cause your nail to split as it is not smoother for nail filing.

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    Make sure that your nail remover is free from the harmful chemical called acetone, which makes the nails weak.

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