How to Apply Water Set Nail Decals

Nail art decals are one of the simple and attractive ways to decorate your nails in order to look attractive and to grab everyone’s attention. Water set decals are easy to apply and carry in both formal and causal parties and get-together. What you require to apply water set decals is few drops of simple water. There are many types of water set decals as coloured water decals, black and white water decals, Christmas water decals, full nail water decals, Halloween water decals, flowers water decals, tip only water decals, ornament water decals, glitter nail decals, and delicate water decals etc.

Things Required:

Water set nail decals
Cup or dish of water
Topcoat polish
Rubber nail decals
Base coat
Nail polish
Orange-wood stick
Sheet nail decals
Nail file


  • 1

    Select one of your favourite Water Set Decals and set them aside.

  • 2

    Now, manicure your nails in order to prepare them for applying the Water Set Decals. Wash your nails with sanitizer, file them and push their cuticles back to give them a proper attractive shape.

  • 3

    Grab a scissor and carefully cut your water set decals out around the design.

  • 4

    Place a single drop of water on a disposable plate or on the table.

  • 5

    Gradually set your nail art decal in the drop of water, make sure that the blue paper side of your nail art decals is down.

  • 6

    Wait for approximately 10 to 15 minutes until the paper begin to curl.

  • 7

    Pick up the nail art decal with the help of a tweezers and place it at the top of your nail.

  • 8

    Use your finger to anchor your nail art decal lightly against your nail.

  • 9

    Carefully slide out the backing paper of your nail art decal from underneath.

  • 10

    Pick up a piece of tissue and gently move the nail art decal into place. Slightly press the nail art decal with the piece of tissue in order to remove the extra water and air below.

  • 11

    Now, wait for approximately one to two seconds until the decal adheres to your nail.

  • 12

    Apply a thin layer of any of your favourite topcoat polish to the decal area.

  • 13

    Wait for few seconds until the nail paint on the decal dry properly.

  • 14

    Apply another layer of topcoat polish to cover your entire nail and wait until dry.

  • 15

    Repeat the same procedure for rest of your nails to give them an attractive look with unique nail art decals.

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