How to Apply Jeweled Nail Art

Nail art designs look fantastic and best suit casual to formal parties and gatherings. There are thousands of ways to decorate your nails. You can apply different nail art designs like butterfly, animals, flowers, fruits, flags and many more. However, you can also add jewels to your nail art in order to give them more sophisticated look. Nail jewels are in multiple forms and you can easily purchase from nail salons, beauty suppliers, drug or departmental stores etc. the nail jewels are available in both individual pieces as well as in multiple unique designs like swirls, faux gems, faux pearls, floral patterns, or diamonds.

Things Required:

Tools to do manicure at home
Nail jewels
Nail polish
Clear nail lacquer
Nail file
Emery board


  • 1

    First of all manicure your nails. Apply hand creams, massage them gently and wash them with a fine quality sanitizer.

  • 2

    Wipe your nails dry, file them and give them a shape according to your own desire. However, if you are applying jewels nail art on your customer’s hand them ask her about her choice.

  • 3

    Once the manicure process is over, apply any of your favourite nail polish.

  • 4

    Wait for few minutes and the nails dry before moving into the third step.

  • 5

    Now, carefully lay out the selected nail jewels in the selected pattern, shape and style.

  • 6

    Grab an emery board and apply the nail jewels to the nails one by one.

  • 7

    Apply a top coat of clear nail lacquer in order to further secure the nail jewels to the nails.

  • 8

    Let the nail lacquer well. Now, check out the nail jewels by pushing them with a nail file in order to make sure that they are fixed properly.

  • 9

    In case if the nails jewels are not fixed thoroughly, you can apply another coat of the nail lacquer to fix them in place.

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