Dos and Don’ts: Summer Manicure

Well cared manicured nails never fail to impress. That tiny patch of shade on your hands tells a lot about how well groomed you are and the care you give to your body. Your manicure surely leaves an impression. The manicure colors and texture change with seasons and what passes off as awesome may not be able to catch the right attention in summers. Just like seasons bring a change in our clothing and lifestyle, they also change the way we do our nails. There are some Dos and Don’ts of doing your manicure in summers that every women out there should know. It is going to help you stay on top of the crowd and stand out with the right sense of fashion. Our step by step guide has these Dos and Don’ts listed down for you. Here is to fashion and how it brightens up our lives.


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    Summers are all about being bright and light. Choose shades that are lively. A simple rule is to think of the colors of ice cream and you will know what color to paint your nails. So Peach, lavender, mint green, or baby blue are the Dos. Neon colors are also a safe and chick option. The don’ts are of course all dark colors especially black and deep maroon. Just like you avoid black color dresses in summers, nail color is no different. When you let yourself think of summers freely, the soft colors that come to your mind will help you decide the nail shade.

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    A trace of light transparent glitter that brightens up things is certainly a Do. However, avoid all other sort of heavy embellishments during summers. These include the little diamonds we all are so fond of but they are a big DON’T when going to beach parties and for any small task during the day. Long nails also tend to give a gaudy look and it can be hard to keep them clean with all the summer activities going on.

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    Nail length:

    When you keep the dresses short, the rule extends to the nails. Short trimmed and fine filed nail are the big DO of the season. Pointy nails that can kill are reserved for the winters and are a big DON’T when the weather is hot. File your nails a rounded shape to protect them from breakage and make them look attractive for manicure.

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