How to Care For Your Fingernails

Taking care of your nails is as important as bathing regularly, or washing your hair. However, there is no reason to think of it as a complicated chore, as with some simple guidelines and useful tips, you can easily take care of your fingernails. In addition to caring for the nails, you are also required to protect them from environmental stress and eat the right types of food in order to have strong nails. Remember that taking care of your nails not only improves the look of your hands and feet, but also protects you against health issues which are caused by germs and bacteria.

Things Required:

– Vitamin supplements
– Multivitamins
– Nail clippers
– Nail files
– Nail polish remover
– Rubber gloves
– Non-drying nail lotion


  • 1

    Consume the right amount of vitamin B, calcium and protein

    You need to consume the right amount of vitamin B, calcium and protein in order to have healthy and strong nails. In addition to this, you need to consume multivitamins on a daily basis, in order to supply your body with the adequate amount of vitamins.

  • 2

    Put on rubber gloves

    You should wear rubber gloves whenever you utilise cleaning products, wash dishes or work in your garden. Remember that wearing gloves will prevent dust and abrasive chemicals from getting to your nails.

  • 3

    Moisturise nail beds

    It is advisable for you to keep your nail beds moisturised at all times, and you can do this by applying a non-drying nail lotion. You are required to rub it on your entire nail bed once a day.

  • 4

    Clip your nails regularly

    You need to cut your nails regularly with the help of a nail clipper. Clip the nails and file them in a rounded or square shape. Remember that if your nails are pointed, they will break easily.

  • 5

    Take off nail polish as soon as possible

    You need to remove nail polish whenever the event you put it on for is finished. Take a nail polish remover and remove it with firm swipes of a cotton ball. Remember that applying nail polish frequently, and leaving it on for long, will quickly dry out your nails, and make them more prone to chipping.

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