How to Fit Faux Nails

Faux or false nails, like every other item in a woman’s bag is an accessory and can be worn for every occasion. This is because they help make a woman’s hand look beautiful, slender and an give of an overall sense of refinement. But the idea of going for a store manicure can be very pricey. This is where we come in, to help you achieve having faux nails, doing them yourself without any professional or any cost, follow these simple basic steps to help you in fixing false nails for yourself;


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    Things you will need:

    Nails (any kind will do)

    Nail glue

    Nail polish (any color of your choice)

    Nail File

    Nail Cutter

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    Preparation A: Know the nail numbers

    Before you start, you need to know which nails fit which finger. Each nail is made specially for a special digit. There are numbers indicated on the several pieces of nails in a packet, usually a small illustration will help you match the nail to the finger.

    All one has to is to look at the nail and fit it into a given finger, when it fits perfectly, put it right in front of you to mark which nail is for which finger. However some finger nails tend to be bigger than the highest nail in the packet and when it is used on the finger nail, it might not fit entirely, but as long as it is close to the edge of the finger then it is a good fit and can easily be covered by a colored nail polish.

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    Preparation B: File nail base

    This is important for the false nails when they are placed directly on the nail, it helps to keep the nails firm in place (apart from the glue), including the tips, so as to not have anything hinder the placing of the nails they might prove uncomfortable to the finger.

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    Placing the nail A: Attaching

    I; This is done, by putting a small amount of nail glue on your finger nail and unto the particular nail fit for that particular finger. The lower part of the faux nail should have a smear of glue, that is, the area where the nail would be fixed. As this helps the faux nail to be firm on the finger nail.

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    Placing the nail B: Trimming

    Cut the extra-long nails at the top with a nail cutter, cutting them to the length you want. This should be done for all the fingers.

    File every nail you cut, into the shape you want. This could be as a pointy shape, square like or down right short (above the tip of your fingers). Your preference.

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    Placing the nail C: Finishing

    Clean your hands, with a dry cloth until the fillings from the nails are removed then apply on the already cut nail, your favorite nail polish, after its dry, apply a school girl’s polish to make it gleam. And voila! You are ready.

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    It is important to know that some nails already have designs and shapes on them, all one needs to do identify the numbers on the nails to match their finger nails, add glue and fix. This will give you an idea on how to do it yourself. It’s alright if you don’t get it the first time, as practice makes perfect. All the best!

    Thank you for reading.

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