How To Cure Toenail Fungus with Lavender

Toenail fungus occurs to people who mostly keep their feet covered with shoes most of the time, especially in winter season. Apart from foul odour, toenail fungus causes raised, yellow nails which certainly look ugly on your feet. It is better to keep your toenails clean and regularly trim them to avoid such problems but if you have still caught by toenail fungus, it is very easy to get rid of it. Lavender oil has natural abilities to eliminate nail fungus. You can make a nail fungus removing treatment at home by using lavender and other essential oils. Oregano and Tea Tree essential oils are other natural remedies for toenail fungus but a blend of essential oils can be far more effective than using just one type of oil at a time.


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    It might be a tricky task to purchase a pure lavender essential oil from the market. You will find many products in the super stores written ‘lavender oil’ on them but they are actually mineral oils with just a scent of lavender. Pure essential oils are relatively expensive and can be ordered online or at particular herb stores. Ensure to buy only the true lavender oil and not just fragrance oil for your toenail treatment.

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    Wash your feet with warm water thoroughly and then dry them with a soft cloth. Trim away as much part of the effected nail as you easily can. Then wash the toenail area once again and wait until they are dried by air.

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    Drip just one drop of lavender oil on the nail bed of the effected toe. Lavender oil eats up fungus at rapid pace and merely one drop will be sufficient to begin the treatment process. Keep dripping one drop of lavender oil every morning and night regularly for your desired results.

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    Make a habit of clipping your toenails on weekly basis. You will notice that the toenail fungus isn’t growing and affecting the other portion of your nail. Lavender oil works brilliantly to remove the fungus from the nail bed and stops it from spreading any more.

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    The clipper you use to trim the infected nails should be sterilized every time, so that your toenails don’t catch the fungus infection once again. An effective way to do it is rub the trimming instrument in alcohol soak and letting it air dry.

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