How to Grow Nails Faster Naturally At Home

Long nails are a sign of good health, hygiene and attention on one’s body. They are also a sign of beauty and appearance. Painted long nails add to physical attractiveness. Creative nail art makes women fantasize about doing their own nails the same way. Apart from the fashion point of view, fast growing nails are a sign of a healthy body. Nails are composed of a protein called Keratin and their growth depends on the internal health and external care of the body.  Nail growth can be very slow if these two aspects are not taken care of . The average human has a nail growth of around 1/10 of a millimeter per day. There are some tips you can use to reach this average growth or higher than this so that your nails grow faster.


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    Keeping nails moisturized is the first tip to faster nail growth. Wear high quality gloves when you are dealing with chemicals that can dry your nails and make them brittle. The gloves also protect your nails from breaking short due to accidents.  Use soaps and detergents which have an added moisturizer in them. While going to bed, apply lotion on your hands and massage into the base of your nails and the cuticles. The massage promotes growth. Sleep with cotton gloves.

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    The way you file your nails is very important. File your nails into a round shape. The round shape not only looks attractive but also reduces the risk of nail breakage. File any damaged nail to remove jagged edges. Press back your cuticles into their place instead of pulling them out. When you pull them out, you injure the nail and hamper its growth.

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    Protect your nails from harsh chemicals. Do not expose them to prolonged chemical exposure even inside the house like dish wash liquid, soap and detergent. Avoid nail polish removers that contain acetone. Wear protective gloves when you are up for a manual task with your hands like gardening. Do not sue your nails as tools for opening things because they can break easily and all your efforts will be lost. Nail biting can ruin everything for you. So if you are serious about growing long nails, do not take off your psychological stress on the nails.

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    Nail growth is as much about the inside as it is on the outside. Biotin and zinc are two elements known to encourage nail growth. Their supplements are available in drug stores. They can also be incorporated in your regular diet through vegetables like poultry, beans, eggs, beef and pork. Yogurt is also helpful. A diet rich in protein is good for nails because they are made of the same material.

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