Steps to Makeover Your Nails for a Party

You are all set to go out on a party tonight and you simply can’t ignore your nails. Is it becoming difficult for you to understand how to do your nails? No matter if it is movie show, a romantic date or perhaps a formal gathering, if you do not dress up your nails and are planning to leave them plain; you probably don’t have an ideal look.

Some women opt for matching nails, others opt for a contrast. It mostly depends upon your taste. Moreover, nail colours even vary with the time of the day the party is taking place. For instance, you will opt for darker colours during the night and brighter ones during the day. It is advisable to make over your nails for a fully dressed-up look by following the steps given below.


  • 1

    Get rid of any dirt and stains by first thoroughly washing your hands.

  • 2

    Using a pair of cuticle cutters, trim any untidy cuticles. Push the shorter ones back with the help of an orangewood stick.

  • 3

    It is better to cut extra long nails leaving some length or room for filing them in a desirable shape. To give your nails a long and slender look, good to have the nails shaped oval or pointed. If you want some width between your fingers better have a round or square-shaped nails.

  • 4

    Start up by applying the base coat of polish on your nails. This will not be conspicuous after you have applied it so better to choose a clear coat and allow it to dry.

  • 5

    Now start applying polish. If you like to have a stick with hard color, go for a neutral one to give your nails a natural look. On the other hand a bright and dark color seems like a punch ready to hit so good to use multiple colors. For a clean and classic look, French style is recommended. It can be done by using light pink shade as the main polish color and painting white tip simply at the top of each nail. By adding some glitter or jewels to your nails will give you a real different look but to do this first let the polish dry.

  • 6

    Paint a clear top coat over all of your nails. This covers the rest of the polish, creating a sort of barrier and protecting it from chipping or wearing off.

  • 7

    By painting the clear top of all your nails the rest of the polish will be covered. It will create a kind of protector for the polish and will stop them for breaking or spoiling.

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