Creative Summer Manicure Ideas

With summer knocking on the door, spice up your nails to rock the wonderful colors and trends of the season. You don’t need any beauty or parlor treatment as you can really change up your entire look with some creative summer manicure ideas. You just have to show the creative aspect of your personality in merging and experimenting with the various nail polish colors and decorating tools. There are hundreds of creative summer manicure ideas that you can think of, but make sure to select the one according to various summer events, your dresses and mood.


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    Flower Nail Art

    Summer is all about colors, so you have wonderful excuse to make colorful floral designs on your nails. Flowers and summer are in a direct relationship, so the flower nail art can be modish and feminine, matching all occasions. Check out the simple procedure of Flower Nail Art.

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    Butterfly Nail Art

    Colorful butterflies are another true representation of lively summer. Once you make an outline of butterflies on your nails, then feel free to fill them with your favorite nail polish colors. Check, how to do Butterfly Nail Art Designs.

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    Heart Nail Art

    Heart Nail Art is one among the hottest summer manicure ideas as it adds a chic vibe to your overall makeup and look. Learn the simple procedure to Make Hearts in Nail Art.

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    Leopard Nail Art

    It is another summer manicure idea that you can out – do elegant leopard nail art designs to look cool. These designs are easy to make and adds to your beautiful hands. Check out the guide to do Leopard Nail Art.

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    Glitter Nail Art

    Luminous and sparkly nail art designs during summer give a sense of high elegance. You can select the glitters according to an occasion, theme of your overall dressing. Check out the simple methods to Apply Glitter in Nail Art.

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    Jeweled Nail Art

    Bring the various nail jewels into use in order to spice the overall look of your nails and hands. You can apply the easily wide range of nail jewels in various patterns to come up with unique summer nail art designs. Find out how to Apply Jeweled Nail Art.

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    Nail Art Decals

    If you are not good at applying the mentioned nail paints, glitter, jewels or making designs – simply take advantage of the various ready-to-use nail art decals. Wide collection of nail decals are easily available in almost all beauty stores, purchase them and apply. Full Sheet Nail Decals, Water Set Nail Decals, Rubber Art Nail Decals, and Nail Polish Stamps are the attractive nail decal ideas for summer that you can consider and apply easily. Moreover, you can make multicolored Polka Designs with the easy to use Nail Art Dotting Pen.

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