How to Make Nail Stencils

Show your hidden artistic side and have cute designs on your nails. Nail stencils are simple but unique designs that improve the overall look of your nails. Stencils are basically exceptional images cut from good quality heavy paper. They provide you an opportunity to apply a ideal images on your toe and finger nails.

If you find the nail stencils expensive to buy from a beauty store, then follow the simple steps given below and make them at your home:

Things you will need to make nail stencils:
– A cutting surface
– Pattern sheet / heavy paper – such as card stock
– Marker / Pencil
– Scissor
– Craft or Utility knife
– Craft shaped hole punch – optional


  • 1

    First of all place the selected fine quality heavy paper. You can either use white or colored sheets.

    Note: The better the quality of paper, the better will be your nail stencils. Therefore, do not compromise on the quality of the paper just for the sake of saving a few dollars.

  • 2

    Now, draw your nails on the sheet with a pencil. You have to show your drawing capabilities and make the drawings of your nails as exact as possible. It will give you an idea about making the right designs that fit perfectly into your nails.

    Note: It is better to use a pencil so that you can erase if needed.

  • 3

    Pick a marker and draw your favorite designs onto the nails’ shapes. You can make anything that you like flowers, stars, symbols etc.

    Note: Try to draw something simple. Complex images are hard to be sketched on a paper of nail size. Therefore, it is better to draw simple and small designs for a neat and clean look. Secondly, if you are not good in drawing, then take advantage of the easily available craft shaped hole punch to get unique nail designs.

  • 4

    Hold a craft or utility knife in one hand and one of the shapes of nails in the other. Now, carefully cut all around the edge of the nail design. Repeat this simple procedure with the remaining nail stencils.

  • 5

    Once you cut all the nail stencils, pick each of the nail stencil with a pair of tweezers and place them in the center of the specific nails. Apply a top coat nail polish to fix the stencil in one position. Enjoy amazing nail stencils.

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